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Symatech is a platform for tech writers to showcase their expertise in technology, particularly regarding computers, gadgets, and the Internet.

We are currently accepting guest posts and article submissions, especially from those who have previous knowledge in writing about these types of topics. If you think you have something unique and insightful to share, please get in touch! 

Your Email Should Include:

  1. Subject Line: Guest Post for Tech Research Online
  2. Previously Published Articles
  3. Topic Ideas
  4. Links of Social Media Profiles for Author Bio

Topics Relevant to Our Content Requirements 

  • Latest tech news
  • Gadget releases
  • Internet/cybersecurity
  • Proxying
  • Filtering 

Editorial Guidelines are as follows:

• Use Original Content

The submitted content must be completely original. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. All quotes and extracts must be properly cited or attributed. When the article has been posted, refrain from republishing it elsewhere. 

• Do Not Self-Promote

You can include a link to your website or blog, but your submitted content should not include promotional material or be an ad. This means no affiliate links either.

• Avoid Errors

Please make sure your submission is free of typos and grammatical errors. Keep articles between 1000–3000 words. 

• Permit Edits

We reserve the right to edit the content to remove typos, grammatical errors, inaccuracies, and to improve the content. Images may also be added or removed from your submission to meet size and style requirements.

• Allow Sharing

You must be okay with your article being shared on our blog, as well as on social media and in digital and print projects.

• Understand Publishing Isn’t Guaranteed

The submission of the content does not guarantee the publishing of the piece. It is still subject to review by our editorial team. 

• Use Correct SEO format

This means following all of the general guidelines related to content quality, keyword density, headings and subheadings, sentence and paragraph length, etc. 

• Utilize Infographics

You have to provide at least 1 infographic relevant to your submitted article.

• Links

You can insert 1 relevant link in the body of the article.

If your submission passes our criteria, we will let you know immediately. We will also inform you if any edits have been made. 

It only takes 2–4 business days to publish your article, but if there are any delays due to errors or clarifications, we will be in touch. We’ll be happy to send the URL of the live article afterwards.  

You can contact us by emailing us at [email protected] Looking forward to hearing from you!