Free Xbox Live Codes

Xbox Live is an online digital media delivery and multi-player gaming service developed and managed by Microsoft Corporation.

It was first introduced with the Xbox video game console. An updated version of the gaming service was made available for the Xbox 360 console. It comes in two versions, the Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Live Silver. In addition, each country has its specific pricing regulation to play the game.

Xbox Live Features

Xbox Live comes with several features including:

  • game accomplishments earned during gameplay;
  • friends list consisting of up to 100 of the player’s chosen friends;
  • recent player list displaying the last 50 players a user has played with;
  • customizable avatars that can be used during specific games;
  • mottos that can be displayed on the gamers’ profiles;
  • reputation rating voted on by other gamers.
  • gamer scores displaying the player’s total points;
  • the Xbox Guide, seen on the left side of the screen and can be opened at any time for easy access to common features;
  • voice chat requiring a wireless or wired headset;
  • video chat requiring Live Vision camera and headset for chatting (Gold membership only);
  • Windows Live messenger integration;
  • multi-player online gameplay (Gold membership only);
  • complaint filing system, enabling gamers to report gamers who have violated the Xbox Live Terms of Use;
  • access to Xbox Live Marketplace content, including new games, movies, and other game content;
  • Bio section, where the player can list personal interests, URLs, and many more; and
  • parental controls to limit children’s exposure to other users. It is applicable in Family Settings.

Finding Free Xbox Live Codes

Xbox Live is an expensive online game but there are ways of getting it and being part of the Xbox Live community for free. These are as follows:

1. Free trial given with a game

There are Xbox Live games offering free trials. However, they generally last for only 48 hours and require you to buy the game after the 48 hours.

2. Giveaways

Some Xbox Live sellers offer giveaways, but they are usually for a particular game and may last only for 48 hours.

3. Microsoft freebies

Microsoft sometimes offers free weekends for official members who want to play their games online, but for a certain number of hours only. These free weekends are rarely given and are usually sponsored by some corporate organization.

However, Microsoft also offers other incentives such as the Microsoft Diamond card, given to all Microsoft subscribers.

4. Xbox Live Free Trial on Xbox

Xbox Live may also offer a Two-Month Free Trial Card containing everything a player needs to play free Xbox Live for two whole months. You can perform the following steps in order to get started playing Xbox Live for free:

a. You need to get access to a broadband Internet service or any high-speed Internet connection service.

b. You can find the subscription code that guarantees a Two-Month Free Trial at the base of the card. Look for other especially marked live-enabled games such as Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Star Wars Battlefront, and Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes.

c. Connect to Xbox Live and create your own account. Choose a method that will work well for you before signing up to create your trial account. The trial account is immediately established containing two free gaming sessions on Xbox Live.

This free trial is only valid for two months. When your subscription ends, you need to pay to continue using Xbox Live. You cannot use multiple trial cards to extend your free trials beyond two months.

5. Free trial codes through websites

There are numerous websites where you can get free Xbox Live codes. Some sites will reward you with free codes only after you have filled in some questionnaires or surveys or played some other games offered on their site.

Other sites require you to register and create a log-in name and a password to get access to their free Xbox Live codes.

Here are some of the different websites you can visit for free Xbox Live codes:

  • Xbox;
  • Free Zone Rewards;
  • Game Zone;
  • Xbox free Zones;
  • Box Deal;
  • Team Box Forum;
  • Gaming Lagoon;
  • Invision Free Site 2; and
  • Invision Free Site 1.

Additional Resources for Free XBox Live Codes