Who Links to Me

Who Links to Me is a service that enables website owners to see other sites linking to them. This service is useful in helping website owners determine where they acquire the most number of visitors. It aids website developers in identifying the types of sites that create links leading visitors to their sites.

How do you use the Who Links to Me service? First, go to the Who Links to Me website at www.wholinkstome.com. Then enter your website address on the look-up site edit field. Make sure you have typed the address correctly. Then you can click on the Who Links to Me button near the edit field.

The length of time required by Who Links to Me to determine and display the linking sites depends on the number of sites that link to the specified Web address. Once the service has found the information, it will display the sites linking to the web address.

Who Links to Me uses Yahoo, MSN, and other search tools in looking for the linking sites. The results are displayed on a table, and the users can click on the sites that link to their websites to view their contents. The users can then communicate with the other website developers and/or perform steps in increasing the number of sites linking to their websites.

Who Links to Me also offers features that let the users determine the ranking of their websites. These tools are useful in identifying the aspects to improve in the site so that it would acquire more traffic.