How to Unlock MySpace

MySpace members may need to unlock their accounts because they have forgotten their MySpace passwords. Web content filters may also have blocked access to the website itself. These problems are readily resolved.

Reset MySpace Password

Reset your MySpace password by going to the ‘Forgot Password’ box at the website’s login page. Type in your e-mail address and a password will be forwarded there. Upon retrieval of the password, login to MySpace and update your password.

Bypass Web Content Fillers

  • Obtain a Proxy – If a Web content filter has blocked your access to MySpace, find a proxy which the filter does not block. A proxy is a website that can hide an IP address using a proxy server. Using a proxy for Web access is the quickest method to connect to websites that have been blocked by your school/office filter (even without access to the administrative Web content filter). Using a top-proxy list site is the most convenient way to find a proxy. A prime example of this is TechFAQ’s Proxy Sites. TechFAQ’s generated list displays proxies in the order of their creation. Test the proxies. After finding a proxy that your administrative web content filter has not barred, click on it to go to that proxy site.
  • Enter the MySpace URL (Uniform Resource Locator) – Find the URL box on the proxy’s homepage. Click on the area and type in ‘’.
  • Enable Scripts – Find the ‘Disable Scripts’ option/s. Ensure that the ‘Disable JavaScript’ or ‘Disable Scripts’ option boxes are unchecked.
  • Enter the Website – Press ‘Enter’ or click on the ‘Browse’ button to login to MySpace. Enter your user name and password to access your account and start browsing.