Unlock Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are designed to be used with any mobile network. However, some mobile service providers electronically lock their phones as part of their marketing strategy. This obliges their subscribers to stay with that particular service provider and limits access to other features and services provided by other service providers. It also obliges a subscriber to pay for high roaming charges if the phone is taken out of their network and is used elsewhere in the world.

Fortunately, there are techniques to resolve this problem. Techniques for unlocking mobile phones vary with each phone model and service provider. The techniques enumerated below are some of the basic procedures for unlocking a mobile phone:

Obtain the following information:

  • Mobile phone number;
  • The network and the country to which the phone is locked;
  • Phone’s manufacturer and model number;
  • Phone’s IMEI number, which is a 15-digit serial number that can be found by typing *#06#.

Unlocking Techniques

  • Unlocking a phone using an unlocking service phone company

There are many companies or establishments that offer this service for a minimal fee. The unlocking will be done by the company technician and the procedure is usually quick and easy.

  • Unlocking a phone using Equipment

Unlocking equipment are also offered by some companies. These products are often useful, albeit a bit expensive.

  • Unlocking a phone with the help of an operator

This technique is done by calling the service provider and stating a request to unlock the phone. Some companies would ask for a few weeks notice and may even charge a fee for the service. The service provider would then give a code that should be typed into the phone to unlock it.

  • Unlocking a phone without the help of an operator

Some service providers have a policy against unlocking their subscriber’s phones. Fortunately, most mobile phones’ unlock codes are posted in mobile forums. One could search for these and use the codes to unlock the phones.

  • Using software to unlock phones

Another way to obtain the unlock code is by calculating the code using a data cable and special software. The unlock code obtained should specifically be for that phone model, otherwise it would not work.

Once the phone is unlocked and serviced by a different network, the phone’s data settings must be reprogrammed in order to access the Web and send and receive picture messages. It is important to note that all phones can be unlocked.

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