Uninstall DirectX

DirectX is a group of programs used to handle a number of tasks related to playing or accessing multimedia files. It was developed by Microsoft to work on Windows Operating Systems. It has no normal uninstall method. If you need to uninstall the application due to problems that arise on your computer, what you can only do is to reinstall a previous or updated version of DirectX.

For up-to-date versions of DirectX, you don’t have to uninstall DirectX to fix ActiveX related issues. These versions already have a repair facility incorporated with them. To solve issues that arise with these versions, just download and install the DirectX software over your current installed version. It is strongly advised not to remove DirectX unless you have no other alternative to fix the problem you are facing.

Before installing DirectX, Microsoft will prompt you to make a “System Restore Point.” Through this, DirectX can be eliminated from your computer by restoring a previous configuration. If you were not able to make a “System Restore Point” before installing DirectX, you should not try the subsequent procedure. Remember that everything installed, prior to the creation of the system restore point to the time you undo the system changes, will be lost.

To Remove DirectX Using System Restore:

  1. Go to the Start button of Windows.
  2. Click the Help and Support menu.
  3. On the “Pick A Task” section of the window, click “Undo Changes To Your Computer With System Restore.”
  4. On the right side of the System Restore window, click on the option “Restore My Computer to an Earlier Time.” Then, click Next.
  5. Click another Next button to confirm the restore point selection.
  6. Click OK button once the restore is done.

You may come across procedures on the Net on how to uninstall DirectX with the use of the system registry editor. This may work, but the process may cause errors in the system. Removing the set of applications and programming services using the system registry tools would increase the possibility of system instability.

You can also download uninstall tools in the Internet. Shareware tools are abundant on the Net and can help you if you were not able to create a system restore point. You can search for programs that can help in removing DirectX and choose the one that works best for you.