How to Unblock Websites

You might have previously encountered trying to visit a particular website, only to find out it has been blocked in your computer. YouTube or any other social media sites are among the commonly blocked websites, mostly because the contents are not properly moderated. Hence, the administrator blocks it to prevent you and other visitors from accessing it.

If you want to gain full access to these websites, there are ways to unblock them. To get you started, you must first analyze how they are blocked.

How Sites Are Blocked

To block a website typically requires software to be installed into your computer. This software must be compatible with the Internet browser you are using, whether Internet Explorer or Firefox. Then, the options are changed so as to prevent accessing a particular website.

For larger networks of computer, such as those used in the office or a school’s computer laboratories, it utilizes a firewall.

Blocking a website is quite simple. However, unblocking it could entail more work so you will have access to the site.

Unblocking a Website

  1. Use proxy servers
  2. You can use proxy servers to retain your anonymity when viewing blocked sites on the Internet. Proxies work as a third party, which accesses computers outside of the firewall through the Internet. Although they may have a different IP address, you can control it using your own computer. Hence, a proxy server is basically an alternate computer that connects to the specific web site that is blocked.

    Once you have used a proxy server, you can easily access a web site just like you normally would.

  3. Change computer settings
  4. If your computer has a direct connection to the Internet, you can easily follow this trick. However, if the blocked website is protected by a firewall, this may not work.

  5. Disable or Change Browser
  6. If software is being used to block the site, you can simply disable the software or change browser options. If a browser is blocking your access to this particular website, go to Tools tab and reconfigure the options or security tab.

    Another tip you can try is by downloading another browser if a particular browser you are using has blocked a web site. For instance, if you are using Explorer, you can download Firefox.

  7. Utilize Google to Unblock a Site
  8. Practically all computers have access to Google. You can use these strategies to access a blocked web site.

    • Google Cache – search a particular website through searching it in Google and access the page there using the cache copy of the page, instead of directly typing the URL
    • Google Mobile Search – as Google translates a web page into a mobile page, certain configurations may be changed, thus preventing the blocking software from recognizing the supposedly blocked page.

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