How to Unblock MySpace

MySpace is among the most popular social media sites on the Internet. It is a social venue for people who wish to communicate with others, create networks, place blogs or pictures, and some other form of networking.

Due to its popularity and because it distracts both students and office workers from their tasks, it is often blocked in most computer offices or school computer libraries. Many also find the site addictive, while others have a tendency to abuse it, posting offensive material.

However, users insist on accessing MySpace even if it has been blocked by the network administrator. Here are ways to unblock the site:

  • Check the computer for list of blocked websites. To access it, open web browser. Then, choose “Tools” and “Internet Options”. Once this is opened, go to “Security Tab” and open “Restricted Sites”. This provides access to the sites listed as blocked. If MySpace is among those sites, highlight and delete it from the list.
  • The Internet security settings for the computer can also be lowered. However, this is not advisable as it makes your computer prone to viruses.
  • Have a filter-removing program installed in the computer. This program enables users to stop the filter that prevents access to MySpace. However, be wary of the risks involved when installing it on the computer at school or office.

The following are recommended programs that can unblock sites banned by the administrator:

  • FreeGate
  • GPass
  • HTTP Tunnel
  • Jap Anon
  • TOR
  • I2P

The easiest solution to accessing MySpace is to use a web proxy. This bypasses the filters that prevent users from getting to this page.

There are several proxies over the net; however, proxies can be blocked as well. Therefore, users have to continually find new ones or opt to use proxies that are known only to a few people.

Proxy site to use to gain access to MySpace can be searched on Google. By typing “unblock MySpace” several available sites that can be used to open MySpace are displayed.

These proxies are not only limited to accessing MySpace but also capable of allowing access to other blocked sites. Plus, it is free to use and guarantees anonymity so the administrator will not find out which pages have been accessed. When the proxy web page has also been blocked, simply switch to other proxies.

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