Universal Image Format (UIF) is a compressed disc image format that can create, edit, and extract disc image files. MagicISO is a password-protected program that can be encrypted. In addition, UIF can provide backup for multi-session Audio-CD, CD/DVD, VCD, SVCD, and DVD/Video formats.

Using UIF to create backup files for CD/DVD has certain advantages over ISO Image, ZIP, RAR, and other CD/DVD formats.

UIF reduces the size of an image file, optimizing compression and saving disk sector clusters. It compresses raw data using high-quality compression methods.

UIF provides security for private CD/DVD data especially for its transmission over the Internet. Through UIF’s encryption and password-protection systems, the said information is protected from unauthorized users such as hackers.

UIF eliminates the need to restore and extract files and folders to enable the user to access data, unlike RAR, ZIP, or other compression archives. To access file and folder information in UIF, users only need virtual CD/DVD software such as MagicDisc. The process is similar to accessing the original CD/DVD since UIF images are mounted as virtual CDs.

MagicISO 5.3.199 and latter versions support UIF imaging, thus saving space when creating CD/DVD backup files or CD/DVD images.

Steps to Create a UIF Image

1. Run the MagicISO program.

2. Drag and drop the file/s or folder/s from the browser to the ISO panel.

3. Click the button.

4. Choose the Universal Image Format (*.uif) as the format.

5. Enable password protection and enter a password to encrypt and protect the image file.

6. Select from one of the three compression options:

  • Default: a balance between compression level and compressing/decompressing speed.
  • Best Compress: the maximum compression ratio
  • Best Speed: the fastest compression rate

7. Click the “Save” button to finish creating a UIF image.