Torrent is a a new trend in peer-to-peer data transmission. It entails a procedure of facilitating fast downloads of big files even with minimal Internet bandwidth. Torrent maximizes file transfer speed by collecting pieces of the file from different sources and downloading all simultaneously. These documents are directly gathered from other users who have filed them previously. Torrent is the fastest method for downloading large files.

The Tracker Site

Torrent uses a central site to manage files downloaded by the users. The site is actually a tracker to which the user can hook-up to when he to download a .torrent file. The tracker site monitors all stations holding a file and connects all users to one another so downloading and uploading becomes faster. It coordinates the movements of all users but does not know the contents being shared among them.

It Works Impressively

The Torrent network works with remarkable speed and with impressive reliability. It can get the user all files in the latest release as long as there are enough people sharing the connection.

There are different terminologies used in the Torrent network. Some of these are peer, seed, and leech. A peer refers to a participant in the swarm. In other instances, it is known as a client. A peer can either have a part or the complete file and the user can exchange data with it.

A seed is another peer that has a complete file of the torrent. If there are many seeds in the connection, the chances of completing the file are higher.

A leech has the smallest contribution to the swarm. He takes in many files but shares very few to other peers. After a leech completes a download, he doesn’t leave a chance for other peers to seed the particular file. He is thus branded a leech among the peers.

p>Leeching happens when seeders intentionally keep back a specific piece of data. Clients can usually download all parts of the file except the last portion. This prevents a large number of possible seeders from receiving an important file. Users can locate an index site to view the list of seeders and leechers in an archive.