How to Test your Computer Memory

When your computer starts to act differently, the first thing you should test is its memory. Problems in the computer’s memory, no matter how small, can cause erratic behavior in your computer that may lead to system crashes.

If the memory of your computer is corrupt, your computer may beep constantly or will not boot at all. You can also come across frequent random computer crashes exhibiting fatal exceptions, illegal operations, and general protection fault error messages.

You can test your computer memory by following the steps outlined below.

Steps on How to Test Computer Memory

  1. Visit official memory test websites.
  2. You can visit official memory test websites to download the user guide and memory test software. Normally it takes less than 30 minutes to finish the process. The result will indicate if you have a deteriorating memory component.

  3. Learn about memory test software programs.
  4. You need to learn about the different memory test software programs developed to test computer hardware and memory. Locate these programs using search engines such as Yahoo! or Google.

    The two most common memory test software used today are MS Memory Diagnostic and Memtest86.

  5. Test the memory stick.
  6. If the memory test software detects errors ran, you have to find out which memory stick has the problem.

    If you have only one RAM stick connected to the motherboard you can simply replace it. However, if you have two or more RAM sticks running, it is recommended that you pull out the sticks one by one and run the test on each memory stick to determine which one is defective. You do not have to replace all memory sticks when only one has a problem.

  7. Buy a commercial hardware computer memory tester.
  8. Commercial hardware computer memory testers are available in many stores. They are specifically developed to test computer memory. You can contact your local computer repair center to ask for information regarding the product and the pricing.

  9. Test the motherboard.
  10. You also have to test the motherboard. Sometimes you will have a perfectly good memory stick but a defective motherboard. However, you need to be aware that testing the motherboard is quite difficult, so you may need to hire an expert to do it.