Subnetting refers to the separation of an IP network into multiple and smaller networks to reorganize and secure a system. It is used to break a network into smaller parcels, enabling these separate parcels to work as efficiently as possible.

The IP Address

The Internet itself is an assortment of networks, where each network has users communicating with one another. Each of these users bears the address of both the source and destination groups. The address also carries information about the machine involved in the network. This network is constantly associated with its user because it is the host computer on the other end. This is called the Internet Protocol (IP) address.

The IP address has 32 bits. It is stated in numbers, where one part declares the information about the network and the other gives the distinct identity of the host in the network. Each number allocated to a host within the network can be noticed in clusters of four. The numbers are also separated from each other by a dot. A number can range from 0, the lowest to 255, the largest to be seen in the IP address.

How it Works

Every host is called a node. In the subnet, you will see all packets being transmitted by any node within the network. The performance of the network can be adversely affected when there is a bulky transmission along the circuits. There will be heavy traffic, collisions, and retransmissions which will tend to clog the pathways.

Subnetting Eliminates Traffic

The central objective of implementing subnetting is to facilitate relief in network congestion. Congestion was a greater setback for the network users before the creation of subnets.

When the interchange of information intensifies, the network’s performance begins to undergo difficulties. This results to heavy traffic. One way to disentangle the problem of collision is through splitting the big network to isolated and smaller pieces.

Subnetting is one of the most successful techniques in networking. The result is a segregated network with smaller parts which are still interconnected with each other. Users in the subnet will experience free-flowing communication and interchange. Traffic will be secluded only to that subnet where it originated.