Skype is a software that is now commonly used over the Internet to transfer calls, whether with or without a fee. Aside from making telephone calls either to landlines or mobile phones, users of Skype service can also avail of other features such as instant messaging, video conferencing, or file transfer.

Skype was started by a team of entrepreneurs and software developers. Their headquarters is based in Luxembourg, but they have other branch offices in major cities like London, Prague, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tartu, and San Jose.

Since the initial launching of this service, Skype has seen rapid growth and is also becoming a popular choice for instant messaging along with Yahoo! Messenger and MSN.

Skype Features

  1. SkypeIn
  2. This feature enables Skype users to receive calls on their computer by simply dialing a regular phone through a local Skype phone number. There are local Skype numbers available for various countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, and the United States.

    You can use this local number for each country and you will be charged a similar rate with standard calls within the country.

  3. Videoconferencing
  4. This feature was launched in January of 2006 for both Mac and Windows. The Skype 2.0 for Linux also features support for Videoconferencing. Meantime, Skype for Windows is capable of “high-quality” video with full-screen or screen-in-screen modes.

  5. Skype on mobile device
  6. In April of this year, Skype has announced that it will be available in over 50 mobile phone networks worldwide. Aside from that, Skype has also been made available on the PSP (PlayStation Portable) on Slim Lite model although you will need one of three microphone input peripherals.

    Other mobile devices in which Skype are also available include the following:

    • Windows Mobile
    • N800 and N81 Internet Tablets
    • Blackberry

Skype is also equipped with a Secure Communication feature that is not visible to the user. Its registration system requires no proof of identity; hence users can avail of the service without revealing their identity. If you have tried signing up for a Skype account, you realize how easy it is to set up an account using any name without any proof of authenticity.

However, there are also ways of controlling how you use the Skype services. They are as follows:

  • Do not launch the program unless you are ready to use it. When expecting a call, verify it through other means.
  • Refrain from keeping your calls lengthy.
  • As soon as you finished with the call, quit the application. However, you must turn it off instead of merely closing the application window.