How to Uninstall Mirar on your Computer

Getmirar, or better known as Mirar, is a type of Spyware application. Hence, it threatens the stability and security of a device by gaining access to confidential information stored within this type of application. Mirar sends advertisements depending on the type of browser used when searching the Internet.

This toolbar helps show contextual information for users to see while they are browsing the Web. It then locates similar Web pages that are relevant to the site currently being viewed by the user. This helps monitor the activity of Web surfers and facilitates a more targeted advertising campaign.

Those who use this particular toolbar aim to increase the productivity of advertising on the Net. Meanwhile, Mirar can also show pop-ups whenever a user opens a Web page. These pop-ups often offer users to download and install Mirar on the toolbar if they do not have it yet.

A typical behavior of Mirar is one that installs itself automatically as a Web browser add-on. By registering its entry to the System Registry, the Operating System validates the Web browser add-on’s authenticity. If you want to uninstall Mirar, you can follow these procedures:

  1. Open the “Control Panel”. Then, click on the Control Panel icon to launch the Internet Explorer window.
  2. Double-click the Add or Remove program option, which is shown on the Control Panel window, to make an applet appear on-screen. This will then provide a list of programs running on your machine.
  3. Choose Mirar from the list and then click the Change/Remove button to start the uninstallation process for the Mirar.
  4. Follow whatever is prompted until the browser is launched. This will enable you to validate the removal of the Mirar. To ensure that all files and registry entries that are linked to Mirar are properly removed, you might want to conduct a full system scan using a reliable anti-Malware program.
  5. You can visit the SpyHunter website so you can download and install the free Mirar scanner. However, you need to remember that this tool will only detect Mirar on your machine. You will need to purchase the Spyware removal tool to fully get rid of the Spyware application.