ZIP Password

A ZIP file is created by compressing one or more files. This process often reduces the total file size. It can also be done to a group of files together. This is often done by compression and archiving programs such as WinZip.

Users can create passwords for files included in the archive since it may contain personal or sensitive information.

How to Create a New ZIP Password

You can use recovery tools in case you forgot or lost your password. There are various applications currently available for this, such as Zip Cracker and Zip Password Recoverer. These programs can locate and recover lost passwords.

You can easily change your current password. Go to the Account Settings / Profile page and choose the option leading to your password settings. You will find a “Change Password” option on this page. You must key in your current password then type a new one.

Tips in Choosing a New Password

Choose common nouns. Proper nouns such as names, birth dates, pets, brands, and colors can be easily identified by unauthorized people. Common nouns are more generic, making it difficult to guess.

If the system allows it, use a passphrase. Putting different words together may seem random. It can also help you remember the phrase.

Incorporate symbols, punctuations, and numbers. If the password is case-sensitive, mix uppercase and lowercase letters. Using a variety of options in your password selection can help make it difficult to guess.