RAR Password

A RAR file is a compressed archive. It can contain one or more files that are encoded using an algorithm. It can also be encrypted for its protection. Encryption makes sure that the file cannot be read easily by other people. The format used for this file was initially used for the program WinRAR.

A RAR file is often used to transfer a number of files between systems. Passwords can also be added to the files so that access can be restricted. Passwords are added when creating an archive or after it is created. When sharing files between two people, users need to provide the necessary password so the files can be opened properly.

Users sometimes forget passwords. This can be problematic when they need to open restricted RAR files. Two options can be used to recover the password. You have the brute force option and the dictionary option. Programs can also be used to recover the password.

Brute force means using all possible characters and combinations of characters. This is a slow process but it guarantees password recovery. This should only be used if your password is made up of five characters or less. If your password exceeds five characters, this could be a time consuming process. This is because the process entails fitting all the characters to a slot until it finishes the whole password.

The dictionary method finds passwords from a list of commonly used words. You can use this method if you know that your password is a well-known word. Using this method can speed things up to just around thirty minutes because it just fits entire words to the password slots until it matches. However, if your password is made of random characters, you have to stick to the brute force method.

There are some programs that can be used to help recover your RAR password. Most of the programs use only one of the two methods. It may take a while to figure out which program will suit your needs. You also have to make sure the program you are using is compatible with the RAR version of your file. This is because the structure of the RAR varies with each version released for the program. Each version has its own limitations with RAR files.