Network Cable Unplugged Error

Network Cable Unplugged is an error message in Windows. It is displayed in the desktop of a computer if the network is not functioning properly. Depending on the nature of the problem, this error message may pop up on the screen a couple of times per week or once every few minutes.

The Network Cable Unplugged error can be fixed by executing a set of possible solutions. If the user is using a Wi-Fi home network and his computer has a built-in Ethernet adapter, the Ethernet adapter should be disabled. This is because in this instance, the adapter is not being used. To do this, the user should double-click on the Network Cable Unplugged error message and choose the option to disable the adapter.

If the computer is using an Ethernet cable, the user should check if both ends of the cable connected to the Ethernet adapter are firmly inserted. If the error message still appears though the cable is properly attached, the user should try a different cable. If this gets rid of the problem, the user should ultimately replace the cable he is using.

Updating the network adapter driver software is another way to fix the error. The user can visit the website of the adapter’s manufacturer and search for the appropriate updates. He should, however, know the exact name of the network adapter before searching for the said updates.

The user should also try checking the devices to which the adapter is attached, like broadband modems and network routers. The malfunction of these devices ,ay have resulted to the computer showing the Network Cable Unplugged error message.