NetGear Firewall

Functions and Features

NetGear firewall functions as a heavy duty firewall that protects your network (either WAN or LAN) against attacks. It allows the computer to access the Web safely. NetGear is a screen of shelter like any firewall; but, unlike the ordinary firewall, it does more than simple screening.

NetGear can cover the following tasks:

  • DoS- Denial of Service
  • VPN- Virtual Private Networking
  • NAT- Network Address Translation
  • SPI- Stateful Packet Inspection
  • Keyword Filtering- Webpage URL
  • IPSec Encryption
  • PKI Support- Public Key Infrastructure

These features in NetGear Firewall make the computers highly secure.

Understanding NetGear Firewall

A NetGear Firewall stands as a security guard between the network you use and the Internet. It is a combination of both hardware and software that are designed by the NetGear company.

The NetGear hardware provides a platform for the NetGear software in order for it to perform effective firewall functions. The software NetGear is a corresponding program that can be suited or custom-made for the specific needs of your server or router. Many networking companies implement NetGear in their systems. The cost of freedom on the Internet is high, because along with that, users and networks must fend off intruders who are hard to track down with lesser types of protection.

NetGear Protection

Hackers do nothing but have fun with the damage they inflict on computer systems and resources. Hence, there is a need to put up security over the computer hardware.

Security problems include the theft of computer data. This is a widespread crime that costs millions of money. It involves the stealing of personal email addresses, credit card numbers, personal and company information.

Another problem is snooping. The act involves prying on the emails of others and other private communications. In addition, sending spam messages on email boxes can also be an abuse on computer resources.

With the spread of viruses, worms and Trojans, the files or the computer are rendered unusable once they get infected and corrupted. NetGear can prevent this from happening to your files.