MTSO is an acronym for Mobile Telephone Switching Office. This is a system that connects every single cell tower to a central office or CO.

The main purpose of the MTSO is to monitor the relative signal strength of cellular phones as indicated by each cell tower. As it processes traffic to and from the cell towers, it optimizes the amount of transferred data. Hence, it enables networks to provide more efficient wireless phone services.

MTSO is also responsible for switching phone conversations to the cell tower that will provide the phone with the best possible reception. As a wireless call moves away from the current cell tower maintaining it, a computer in the MTSO would keep track of the call. Once the computer has determined the appropriate time, it will transfer the call to another cell tower that will give better reception. This transition happens so fast that the persons involved in the call do not notice it.

The MTSO controls other operations related to wireless phone calls, such as call verification and billing. It can accurately determine the source of received calls as well. This system also ensures that the fees being charged to network subscribers are accurate at all times.

Due to the unique features of the MTSO, most commercial phone companies have incorporated it to their system. When this system is used, the amount of errors encountered is minimized. This is another reason the switching office gained recognition from groups within the field of telecommunications.