Medical Transcription Report Grader (MTRG) is a software that uploads a transcribed document and compares it to a corresponding answer key that is set within the system. It is an automatic grading method used by students to give a numerical score and feedback on both correct and incorrect transcribing.

MTRG is a grading protocol that color-codes its feedback on some error types in the medical transcription (MT) student’s report. Its main function is an accurate matching system. When a report is transcribed, it has to be saved in the MTRG.exe file on the computer. This program uploads the document so that instructors can access the graded reports of their students. The school’s server stores these reports in case of the need for further review.

Why is MTRG needed?

Medical transcription needs skills to be carried out well. The terms associated with the medical field are hard to make out as there are many things to consider before they can be plotted into words. Sometimes, the speaker’s voice is not very audible; and accents can be challenging.

MTRG helps the students to easily learn what mistakes are frequently made in their work. With the help of a fast grading method, students are given the opportunity to study their errors as soon as they have completed their transcriptions. This will help them improve their skills more quickly.

Training for most job skills requires manual operation and checking, but Medical Transcription Report Grader is a positive and constructive element in the tedious work of medical transcription.

Limitations of Current MTRG

The current MTRG program can distinguish errors or slip ups of certain kinds, but not all. Some of those that it cannot detect are the spelling of medical terms versus the English counterparts, paragraphing elements, and punctuations.

Some institutions are developing a more comprehensive and extensive grading software to detect errors on student reports. Bigger medical transcription schools are now planning to improve MTRG that assign point values on some types of error. Through this, instructors will no longer need to manually check and grade the reports.