Molex is to a type of connector that is normally used in computers. It consists of a two-piece interconnection of a pin and a socket. This connector was developed by Molex Products Company. It was first used in home appliances in the 1950’s and 1960’s, and it soon became a standard in electronics.

The design of Molex connectors consists of several parts. First are the cylindrical spring pins and cylindrical spring sockets. The pins and sockets may be arranged in any combination as long as they are in a single connector.

These pins and sockets are fitted together and are held within a rectangular matrix. This rectangular matrix is housed in a nylon shell. Molex usually has 2 to 6 circuits, although in some cases, it can have 9, 12, or 15 circuits. Molex housings have separate male and female genders.

Molex is used in several computer aspects. This technology is used by certain types of computers to connect the power supply to the motherboard. It is also used as a means of providing power to floppy disk drives. Other PCs use Molex connectors to connect the power supply to the fans.

Molex has a set of features to provide reliability and safety. Molex connectors are designed to be polarized. This prevents the user from incorrectly inserting the pins to the sockets. Also, these connectors are locked firmly into position with the use of a latch. This ensures that the connection will not be cut off even if there would be sudden movement in the machine.