Install Yahoo Messenger

You can install Yahoo Messenger in a few steps:

  1. Connect to the Internet. Then go to Yahoo’s website at
  2. Click on the Messenger link on the Yahoo home page. After the page has loaded, you should click on the Download Now link. The Internet browser will display a file download dialog box asking the user whether you wish to run or save the file. Once you have selected your preference, the setup file for Yahoo Messenger will begin downloading. The length of time for downloading the setup file will depend on the user’s Internet connection speed.
  3. Run the setup file when it has finished downloading. During the setup process, you will be asked for information such as the destination folder where you wish to save the Yahoo Messenger files and the type of installation you want to have. Generally, all you need to do is click on the Next button. You should, however, carefully read the messages and questions being asked by the setup dialog before proceeding to each step.
  4. After you have selected your options, Yahoo Messenger will begin installing. Again, the length of time for this process depends on the Internet speed of the computer as well as its processor’s speed.
  5. When Yahoo Messenger has finished installing, you can configure the said application to suit your preferences.

Apart from the standard chat capabilities, Yahoo Messenger also has options for voice chatting, sending of SMS messages, and access to other Yahoo services such as Yahoo Calendar and Yahoo Mail.