Hyperterminal is a software tool that enables the user to connect his computer to other remote systems such as servers, bulletin boards, and other computers. It is also used to test whether or not a modem is working properly or is configured correctly.

Hyperterminal presents a user-friendly graphical interface. Its windows consist of edit fields, buttons, lists, and check boxes. These controls help the user to select his preferred options and perform specific tasks. The program also has non-complex confirmation and error messages that inform the user about certain events and procedures.

In addition to this, hyperterminal presents useful communication and data transfer features. Through the software’s scroll feature, the user can talk to the person using the computer or server he is connected to. This feature also enables the sending and receiving of text messages. It can be used to send and receive files such as spreadsheets, word documents, and applications as well.

Setting Up

Setting up a connection using hyperterminal can be done in a few steps.

  1. Open the hyperterminal. Provide the necessary information being asked in the Location Information dialog box.
  2. Go to the file menu and click on New Connection.
  3. An edit field will appear. Enter the name of the connection on this field.
  4. Select the icon desired for the connection and click OK.
  5. In the Connect To dialog box, select the modem to be used.
  6. Enter the phone number of the server or computer to connect to.
  7. Hit the Dial button and wait for the computer to accept the call.