How to Uninstall Vista

Windows Vista is Microsoft’s most advanced operating system (OS). In spite of its being the most recent, other versions are considered to be more stable by many users. Many users have computers not powerful enough or are improperly configured. This may cause the OS not to function optimally.

Windows XP upgraded to Vista:

  1. Go to BIOS settings. Make sure that the CD-ROM drive is set to highest drive priority. This ensures that the MS-DOS boot CD loads up before Vista.
  2. Restart the computer with the boot CD in the drive. Type or select “R” in the setup menu.
  3. Type in ‘fixboot X:\’ with ‘X’ being the drive letter of the Vista root.
  4. Type in ‘fixmbr X:\’ then press enter. Type ‘EXIT.’ Close the setup program and then restart the computer. When restarting, make sure that the boot CD is in the CD-ROM drive.
  5. Reformat the hard drive by typing in ‘format X:\’. Upon completion of the reformat, restart the computer. Ensure that the XP installation CD is in the CD-ROM drive.
  6. Follow the directions in the installation menu to install Windows XP.

Windows Vista pre-loaded:

Pre-loaded Windows Vista OS can be uninstalled from a new computer and replaced with any choice of OS. The process will be the same with the previous scenario. Simply follow the steps in the section preceding.

Dual-boot System (Windows Vista + another OS on the same hard drive, e.g. XP):

  1. Start up computer, and select ‘Windows XP.
  2. Launch Vista by inserting the installer DVD into the appropriate drive.
  3. Go to the start menu and click on ‘Run.’ Type in ‘e:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /force.’ ‘E’ is the DVD-ROM drive for the Vista DVD.
  4. Restart the computer. Choose ‘Windows XP’ in the boot menu. The drive that Vista was installed in will be reformatted.
  5. Delete ‘Bootsect.bak’ and ‘Boot.bak’ in the XP root folder.
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