My Hotmail

Hotmail is a web-based service provided by Microsoft Corporation that enables users to create email addresses, send and receive email messages. This email service can be free or paid, depending on features such as security options, file attachment capacity, and amount of storage for messages. Hotmail is now called Windows Live Hotmail as it has been added into the Windows Live umbrella.

Hotmail includes a set of capabilities that are not present in other web-based email services. This service provides a storage space that is considerably larger than those in other email services. Hotmail offers around 5 GB of message storage. Furthermore, it includes an audio player that can open voice mails or mp3 files after a built-in antivirus has scanned them. Hotmail also presents a collection of color schemes. To enhance the appearance of the application’s interface, users can choose between colors such as blue, red, silver, black, and orange.

Hotmail can interact with other Windows Live services. While logged in Hotmail, users would be able to see if their Windows Live Messenger contacts are online and chat with them. Windows Live Calendar is another service that can be accessed through Hotmail.

Since Hotmail is web-based, users can only read their messages when they are logged in. However, since Internet browsers cache the web pages that contain the messages, users can read their messages although they are not logged in. This is done by viewing the browser’s cache. The user should, however, make sure that he is using a computer that previously logged in to his Hotmail account.