HDTV Receiver

What is an HDTV receiver?

An HDTV or high definition TV receiver is a gadget that admits and decodes high definition television signals. Also known as HDTV tuner or HDTV decoder, it is a digital broadcasting system that features a higher resolution than the standard-definition television (SDTV).

An HDTV broadcast has to be paired with a high definition ready television in order to view high definition programs.

Requirements for an HDTV Receiver

Consider the following points before buying a receiver for HDTV:

  1. Most HDTV sold nowadays has an integrated receiver or tuner. However, if the HDTV does not indicate that it has a built-in receiver, it should indicate that it is not HD ready.
  2. HDTV requires HD signals to display pictures superior to those provided by STD channels. HD signals typically provided by:
    • Broadcasting on the air with an antenna. Some networks broadcast on the air in HD. An HDTV receiver is required to get this signal. Cable or satellite companies for televisions without a built-in HDTV receiver often provide a detachable HD tuner.
    • Cable TV companies
    • HDTV broadcast that is usually offered by cable television companies as an element of their digital broadcast service. A set-top box or a cable card issued by the cable company often receives HD signals from this source.
    • Video game schemes and digital set-top boxes that rely on internet connection.

    The PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the Apple TV are all capable of outputting an HD signal. Meanwhile, the Xbox Live Marketplace, iTunes Music Store, and the PlayStation Network services provide downloadable HDTV movies, shows, clips and movie trailers.

  3. HDTV receivers have different features that facilitate their use and functionality.
    • Most HDTV receivers allow an easy shift from HD broadcast to standard TV broadcast. However, some receivers require a manual shift between the two settings.
    • Some HDTV receivers have the ability to hook up various components to it. Ideal receivers for this feature are those that are fitted with outputs for HDMI (high definition multimedia interface), S-Video, and digital audio. This takes out the need for additional wires and cables for hooking up state-of-the-art multimedia and audio components.