HDMI Cable

The HDMI cable carries audio, video, and other device-controlled (CEC) signals. The HDMI cable takes the place of tangled wires at the rear of the audio-video system and presents the single cable alternative.

The Simplified Connection

The availability of HDMI cable has significantly simplified the process of setting up the home theater systems, at the same time bringing top level performance to its users. HDMI can do this due to its liberal amount of bandwidth and speed. It, along with its variants, also carries at least eight digital channels of video and audio, resulting to a precise surround-sound.

The Cable

There are usually 19 wires wrapped inside a single cable, similar to a USB wire. This is the HDMI cable with a bandwidth of 5 gigabits per second, more than two times the needed bandwidth to convey multi-channels of audio and video.

Four versions have been released by HDMI. Each version uses the same 19-pin cable and connector.

There is another type known as type “B.” Type “B” has 29 wires. This is especially designed for the use of motion picture companies and other related applications.

The previous interfaces in video needed separate audio cables because the great majority of users had the standard analog RCA L/R audio jacks.

The Cable Length

Specifications do not define the maximum cable length but because of signal fluctuation, an upper limit can be established using the HDMI cable. The length of HDMI cable needed largely depends on the quality and materials of the device.

It is necessary to consider the thickness of a cable gauge, which is composed of the internal wires. For instance, if the internal wires of the HDMI cable are gauge 28, then you get the length of about 5 meters. Tougher cables with thicker 24-gauge wires will function well up to 15 meters.

However, these given figures are applicable only for ideal conditions. Many cables cannot efficiently transmit with these given lengths. If you require long cable lengths, a better alternative would be the CAT-5 cables which allows the HDMI to function at a length of 90 meters.

When purchasing cables, they don’t need to be expensive, but remember to get them from a quality manufacturer.

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