Free SMS

Cell phones have replaced letters, fax machines, and telephones to send instant messages. With its ever-growing roster of uses and advantages, a cell phone provides an easier way of communicating for people who carry one. One of its most important advantages is Short Messaging Service (SMS), a worldwide communication phenomenon.

What is SMS?

SMS is the general term for the technology that allows users to send and receive messages using their cell phones. The word “text” refers to SMS and its message.

The standard for GSM digital mobile phones states that an SMS message can be up to 160 characteres long. GSM phones are popular in Asia, Africa, Europe, some parts of North America, and the Middle East. CDMA networks, which are popular in North and South America, India, Japan, Australia, China, New Zealand, and South Korea, have greater message size.

Up-to-date developments have shown that one can send standard GSM messages longer than 160 characters. This can be done by sending multiple 160-character messages.

SMS messages can be composed of words, symbols, numbers, alphanumeric combinations, and binary formatted characters.

How to Send Free SMS Messages?

Sending text messages is a quick and great way to keep in touch with family and friends. As compared to email sending, sending SMS is often not free. For instance, each SMS message exchanged in Great Britain is charged £0.10. With individuals sending numerous messages in a day, this would cost a lot to the user.

Cell phone companies created payment plans to allow its subscribers to send a specified number of SMS messages in a month for free. Some plans even allow its subscribers to have unlimited number of SMS messages for free. Nevertheless, this is not a pricey way to send text messages.

A better avenue to send free text messages is via free SMS sites. A lot of numerous websites do this kind of service. You just have to enter your message at the space provided for in the website, key in the cell phone number of the recipient, and send. Sometimes, messages are sent in an instant or may take longer. Some of these websites would let you register to avail of their service, but many do not require registration.

Examples of free SMS sites are Chikka, Fonetastic,,, Myspace, and Yahoo Messenger.

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