PDF Editor

A PDF (Portable Document Format) editor is a program that allows a user to edit PDF files. PDF Editors allow a user to write comments on PDF documents and share these documents with others. These programs can also supplement or edit the content of PDF files. Aside from this, PDF Editors can help in filling out electronic forms and correcting spelling errors.

What is a PDF?

PDF is a portable document format developed by Adobe systems. The file extension for this kind of document is .pdf. These documents are virtual booklets used for simple scanning and reading. Several pages can be saved as one PDF file. The format is often used for distributing electronic books, or e-books. This is because several pages can be compressed into a single file, and access to the file can be restricted, preventing changes in the text.

Adobe Reader is the default program for opening and reading this kind of document. This program can only view PDFs. Separate programs are needed to in making and editing PDF files.

PDF Editors

PDF Editors can save files in the PDF format. The specific tools and capabilities of the programs depend on the individual software. Most editors can take word documents and text and convert them into PDFs. Some have limited text-writing capabilities.

PDF files can be sectioned into chapters so that users will only have to click a tab to go to an individual section. Users can customize the table of contents so that they can easily access these sections.

Some programs allow users to create links so that parts of the document can be clicked on to get to another part of the file. Users can format and highlight the document, and they can add comments as well.

Users can restrict access to the file so that it cannot be edited by other users. Pictures and tables can also be included in the file. Some editors also offer basic capabilities for adjusting document lay-outs.

When choosing a PDF Editor program, the user should consider what it will be used for. He should check the amount of space available in his system and compare it to the requirements of the software. Most editors require minimal resources, but their size may also be a deciding factor. Most commercially available programs offer trial periods and versions allowing users to try them out. There are also some programs which can be downloaded for free.

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