Free Newsgroups

Certain news servers give free public access and newsgroup support. There were more than 100,000 newsgroups as of 2002, and many Internet service providers give access to a particular subset. Many common newsgroups are accessible with most ISPs, although the opportunity to explore other newsgroups is possible with other news servers.

Various news administrators render their servers open to the public. They can offer this admission to make newsgroups open to users who do not have any means of access, to test their systems, or for independent reasons.

These websites supply listings of free public news servers:

  • Baloc’s Public News Servers
  • Google’s Public News Servers
  • Public News Server Web Ring
  • Public NTTP Sites
  • Sok’s Public News Servers
  • Specialized Public NTTP News Servers
  • Yahoo’s Public Usenet Sites

Here are some free public news servers:

  • Doc Thompson’s Open News Servers
  • Doc Thompson’s The Open News Server FAQ

Add a news server to the News Reader’s server list to access it. A user may have to go through different sites to find a server that is open at the time of access. Some public news servers on the site lists may not be accessible at all times.

If a user’s Internet service provider does not offer access to the desired newsgroups, and if public news servers are not an alternative, one can obtain access through commercial third-party servers. Access to the Usenet as well as other value-added services is provided at a certain cost. Commercial news server lists can be found in the search engine Yahoo’s category of Usenet Servers – Commercial.