Error 1706: No Valid Source Could Be Found

Error 1706 is a Microsoft error generated when a problem occurs during the installation of a Windows package from any removable data, such as a Microsoft Office CD-ROM or DVD.

The exact error message may vary from “No valid source could be found” to “Setup cannot find the required files.”

What Causes the Problem

Error 1706 may occur when there is an unavailability of the network administrative installation. This may also be experienced when accidentally clicking Cancel when you were prompted to insert the CD. Using a Microsoft Office CD-ROM when you are prompted for an Office source location may also cause this error. Error 1706 may also appear when you originally installed Office from a network administrative installation or when the MSI file or Windows Installer is not inside the root folder of the media, which is located on the removable data.

How to Fix the Error

Here are ways to correct Error 1706:

1. If the original network administrative installation is not accessible, you can use an alternative for the Office source file location. To accomplish this, follow the following steps:

a. From the Start menu, select the Run option.

b. In the pop up box, type a command line then Click OK.

New network path\Setup.exe /fvm package name.msi

New network path is the path to the other network administrative installation, while the Package name is the Windows Installer.msi package on the root of this installation.

c. When the update is finished, click OK.

If you are successful, the Windows Installer will utilize this new server location every time it needs to repair, reinstall, or add a feature to your Office installation.

2. If you have free disk space on your hard disk (around 700Mb or more) but don’t have any access to a network administrative installation, you can generate an administrative installation on your hard disk to be used as the Office source file location. You can accomplish this by doing the following steps:

a. Insert your Office CD-ROM.

b. From the Start menu, select the Run option.

c. In the pop up box, type a command line then Click OK.

CD-ROM drive: \Setup /a

CD-ROM is the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive.

d. In the Administrative Installation dialog box, indicate the location on your hard disk for the Office administrative installation.

e. Type your Product Key, which is the CD key.

f. Click Next.

g. Click OK when the installation is finished.

3. You can also use the CD-ROM as the Office Source Location. First, you need to remove Office then reinstall it from the CD-ROM. You can accomplish this by doing the following steps:

a. Quit all Office programs.

b. Click the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel twice.

c. Double-click the entry for the installed Microsoft Office product.

d. Select Uninstall Office in the Maintenance Mode Options dialog box.

e. Click Next.

f. Click yes to confirm the removal of Office.

g. Click OK when the removal is finished.

h. Insert your Office XP CD-ROM or Office 2003.

4. When the error occurs while attempting to install an MSI file from a removable media, you need to check the Media Package Pathway and verify if the pathway tracks to the correct folder.

If it doesn’t, you need to scan the removable media and find the file where the MSI file is located. Usually, it can be found in the App1 folder.

After verifying where to find the correct file, you need to rearrange the Media Package Pathway so that the system will locate and activate the MSI file. This will require you to make some alterations to the command line or possibly create a permanent change in the registry.