Dual Core

Dual-core process computers have Central Processing Units (CPUs) that possess two independent execution cores. Each of the cores corresponds to its own processor. These CPUs also contain two combined processors, along with their respective controllers and cache memories, integrated into a singular circuit, known as a silicon chip.

Knowing Its Purposes

A dual-core process computer is developed to perform multitasking, as well as to handle miscellaneous tasks unrelated to one another. It has the ability to run several tasks and programs simultaneously because the CPU has independent interfaces. It can also conduct intensive execution and computing tasks at the same time.

What are Its Benefits?

A dual-core process computer is quick and efficient. It exhibits superior task completion and program execution abilities. Complex games and heavier programs can be executed in a dual-core process computer system.

A dual-core process computer can simultaneously perform two different tasks efficiently. With a single core processor, the CPU would not be able to accommodate these tasks at the same time. It couldn’t handle the operation and would be bogged down.

In addition to these, the prices of many dual-core systems and chips have started coming down.

Dual-Core Process Computers

There are several commercially available computers in the market which come with dual-core technology. Some of the more popular are the dual-core machines manufactured by Pentium.

Pentium Core Duo is based on either the 64-bit Allendale or Merom processors which are maintained for desktop computers, or the 32-bit Yonah processor targeted for mobile computers. Both have different architecture.

The dual-core technology was eventually developed for use with portable computers such as notebooks and laptops. Intel developed this technology with the Pentium T2080 and the T2060.

One of the notable dual-core processors for laptops is the 32-bit Pentium M. Its architecture was derived from the Yonah core.

Intel also released desktop dual-core processors from the Pentium brand, namely E2160 and E2140.