Microsoft DirectX is a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for managing tasks associated to multimedia, usually in programming games and graphics. To install DirectX, you have to download its latest version from the Microsoft Web page.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and go to the download page of DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime.
  2. Hit the Download button.
  3. Click the ‘Run’ button to run dxwebsetup.exe right away.
  4. Click the subsequent ‘Run’ button.
  5. Hit the circle beside “I accept the agreement” option, and then click ‘Next’.
  6. Click ‘Finish’.

Updating Older DirectX Versions

If you have previous versions of DirectX on your system, you can update your older DirectX version via two ways. You can uninstall the previous version in your system and then install the latest version. Another way to update your DirectX version is to utilize the Windows update feature.

Checking the Installed DirectX version

If you have DirectX installed in your computer, you can check which version is on your system. Use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

  1. Open the Start menu of Windows and go to Run.
  2. Key in “dxdiag” and then click OK. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool dialog box will then be displayed.

In the first tab of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool dialog box, you can see the system information. It consists of your system’s details, such as the computer’s name, system model, memory, processor details, current date and time, and the version of the DirectX installed in your system.

The second tab of the dialog box displays the details of the installed DirectX files.

The next tab is the Display tab. It contains the features of the installed displayed drivers and devices. You should enable Direct3D (D3D) and/or Direct Draw acceleration. Also, on this tab, you can check the details of your DirectX’s D3D and Direct Draw. Just hit the “Test DirectDraw” or the “Test Direct3D” button.

The Sound tab is shown in the fourth tab of the dialog box. On this tab, you can test the functionality of DirectX’s Direct Sound. Just hit the “Test DirectSound” button.

Next in the dialog box is the Music tab. You can check the features or the functionality of Direct Music by hitting the “Test DirectMusic” button.

The Input tab is seen on the sixth tab. This shows the direct input devices connected to your system, such as the mouse, joystick, or keyboard.

The last tab is the Network tab. Hit the “Test DirectPlay” button to check Direct Play.