DirecTV Satellites

DirecTV satellites are used for direct broadcast satellite (DBS) television service. These transmit television and audio signals via equipment orbiting in space. These satellites are placed in an orbit and have a constant position, which is determined in relation to the earth’s surface. DirecTV satellites are developed and maintained by DirecTV, Inc. The company services households in certain parts of the United States, the Caribbean, and in most Latin American countries.

DirecTV satellites use advanced telecommunications technologies for them to give quality broadcast services. Certain DirecTV satellites use intricate electronic systems, while the newer satellites use more advanced space systems to reach a wider set of customers. All these technologies add to the image and sound clarity of TV and audio programs offered by DirecTV satellites.

DirecTV satellites allow service providers to offer numerous regular channels and about a hundred HDTV (High Definition Television) channels to households and businesses. Apart from this, companies using DirecTV satellites also serve audio stations. DirecTV satellites delivers television and radio services not only to homes and business establishments, but also to cars, RV’s, boats, and aircrafts.

A device that receives signals from DirecTV satellites is aptly known as a DirecTV satellite dish. Television and radio programs are uplinked to the DirecTV satellite and are directly sent to the satellite dishes. This type of hardware can acquire signals from a DirecTV satellite at a specific number of degrees. Examples of these satellite dishes include the DirecTV Phase I satellite dish, DirecTV Phase II satellite dish, and DirecTV Phase III satellite dish.