DHCP Reservation

A DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) reservation means that a permanent ID is leased to a client, hardware or server. Configuring a DHCP reservation is recommended for a client who needs a static address.

Reservations can be used with DHCP-enabled equipment such as print, file, and other application servers because these are applied with the permanent IP address in the network.

The Reservation

A reservation generally consists of detailed information regarding the client. The necessary elements needed for input are: a reservation name, which the administrator allocates for the client; the IP address, which must be taken from the scope or “pool”; and the client’s MAC (Media Access Control) address, entered without the hyphens and with a description of the reservation account.

Client Verification

The IP address of a client can be determined by viewing the TCP/IP properties in his computer.

  • The ipconfig/all command will verify if the DHCP server IP address given is the real IP address of the partner network connection.
  • The ipconfig/release command is used to release the IP address from the server.
  • The ipconfig/renew command is used to renew the IP address from server.

Some companies prefer this set up, because creating DHCP reservations for each client machine on the network makes the administrator’s work easier. This way, every time a client gets a lease on an address using DHCP, it gets the same IP address out of the DHCP server.

The administrator does not have to work on every machine in the network and configure on each of the IP address settings manually. Instead, it can be done centrally on the DHCP server, provided that the MAC addresses of each client on the network is readily available. There is a big advantage in using an all-reserved approach. It provides better security because each client always uses the same IP address. So, it is effortless to interpret the address information posted in the firewall logs.

Finally, a DHCP reservation helps to ensure that client machines can be easily traced in terms of Internet usage per user, if the company has this policy.