The symbol dBm means the same as dB. They stand for decibel, a unit of measure which is used to describe the amount of power used in every minute circuit. The entire telecommunications system uses the dBm for measuring radio and audio frequencies in computer bandwidth, telephone calls, television or radio broadcasts, and other kinds of electronic transmissions.

dBm is used to label the strength of the RF and AF frequency signals, which pass through cables and wires. This is a method of quantifying input or output signals in amplifiers and receivers. In relation to this, there are other kinds of wireless equipment that use the RF fields, examples of which are cellular and cordless phones and two-way radio.

The Formula

dBm is a measurement with an absolute ratio signal of 1 milliwatt per zero dBm. A dBm with a minus sign denotes a loss and a plus or no sign before the dBm symbol denotes a gain. Refer to the set of expressions below:

1. 0 dBm = 1 mW (milliwatt)

2. (-)dBm = loss whereas; (+)dBm = gain.

Also, the dBm equivalent of an audio signal is computed using the following mathematical equation: dBm = log10 Signal Power / .001 watt

Decibel Calculation

There are various forms of expressing decibels. For clarity, the above figure, normally used to compute intensity or power, is tagged as dBm. Using decibel to measure is better because it can state the power level by arithmetically adding or subtracting minute circuit signals. Hence, it is capable of expressing values that are either very large or very small.

Systems That Use dBm

The principal kinds of networks that use dBm calculation on a regular basis are the microwave, fiber optic and radio networks. Using this measurement makes it easier for each type of network to calculate data. They are able to compute the losses or gains of signals sent from a transmitter into a receiver. This helps guarantee that the total wattage utilized by the network stays around the allowable quantity. The power threshold is always controlled under the limit, so that only the energy necessary for the operation is produced.

Ordinary consumers may not really comprehend the use of dBm. However, they reap the concrete results of its use with the availability of a wide range of telecommunication media today.