How to Change your Myspace Layout

Myspace is one of the most popular social networking sites online. It has become the venue for millions of registered users to meet old and new friends alike. Just like in the real world where you can make a good impression by improving the way you look, a user may also modify his or her Myspace layout to express a unique character.

To change your Myspace layout, you must first find a layout generator. Find one that is easy to use and navigate, and which provides a wide array of choices.

At the homepage of your chosen layout generator, go to the backgrounds section. Find a background for your page. You can either pick one that is already in the layout generator’s page or you can make your own by using MS Paint or Photoshop.

If you want to make your own background, you have to upload it to a photo-hosting site, like Photobucket, Imageshack, or Tinypic. To find the URL of your picture background, right-click it, choose Properties and it will display information about the picture (URL is included). Highlight the URL, copy it by pressing Cntrl+C and paste it on the generator’s Background URL text box. Sometimes, it provides you with HTML or CSS codes.

Contact Tables and Network Banners

Network banners and contact tables are easy to find on Photobucket search or Google search (use “contact tables” as keywords). If you want to make your own contact tables, remember that they should be 150 pixels tall and 300 pixels wide. When you find the one you desire, it comes up with its direct link, so just copy-paste its URL on the generator.

Other Things you can Do with Layout Generators

  • Font – Try out different fonts for your text. Choose the easily readable ones since you want your profile display to be reader-friendly.
  • Colors – Try out different colors for your text, background and other elements in your profile page. Choose colors that look good with each other. If you need help, you can simply consult a color wheel.
  • Preview – Always preview your layout before publishing it. Put yourself in the shoes of a stranger and assess your page. Make sure it looks good and the elements are complementary.
  • Practice – Practice page customization, content management and element-matching with layout generators. The content is as important as your Myspace layout.