Convert iTunes to MP3

Most people cannot play the songs they have bought and downloaded for their iPods outside the iTunes environment. This is because the songs are in protected AAC or MP4 format to prevent piracy or song duplication. However, there is a way to convert these songs to MP3.

The first thing to do is to access the iTunes program. Try to convert a song. The most common error notice will say that protected files cannot be converted into other formats. Just go to Convert Selection and click on Edit. Look for Preferences and then go further into Importing. In this menu, the Import Using can be changed from AAC Encoder to MP3 Encoder. Save this setting change and try to convert a song.

At this point, most users still encounter an error message saying files cannot be converted yet. This is because only unprotected formats such as WAV or WMA can be converted. Since the songs in playlists are most likely in AAC or MP4, they can’t be converted using iTunes. There are two options: The user may either burn them to a disk, or download a program to convert the songs directly to MP3 format.

Burning a CD with Nero or another CD burning program is the safest way. However, it is quite a long and drawn-out process. Just insert a blank CD, burn the AAC songs in a normal CD format, then rip them to the hard disk as MP3 songs. It may take a lot of time as only a maximum of 18 songs can be burned to keep the quality of the songs in any CD. Remember that the CD has to be an audio and not an MP3, an AAC, or even a Data CD.

Using file converters from the Internet is quite risky. This is because downloaded file converters often affect the coding of protected formats negatively. Some files are so corrupted that they become unreadable. However, it is the fastest way of converting files. All the user has to do is to drag and drop the songs, and then start converting.

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