FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. FLAC is one of the best compressed copies of songs, with audio quality highly similar to the original CD songs. The term “Lossless” in FLAC means there wasn’t any form of data loss during file compression.

FLAC also has disadvantages. FLAC may neatly compress audio data, but the files are huge. One CD (usually with data storage capacity worth 700Mb) may be compressed up to 400Mb. This means that one 4-minute song will occupy 20 to 35Mb of data storage space. This is impractical for portable audio players such as MP3 players or iPods. Most of these handy audio players don’t provide support for FLAC playback.

Why MP3 Over FLAC

When an uncompressed audio file is converted into MP3, it is reduced into audio data that is smaller than its original format. Unlike FLAC, the MP3 compression is “lossy” because the compression depends on the removal of particular audio portions (like very high or low tones) imperceptible to the human ear.

MP3 files come in small sizes — 1 4-minute song will only take up around 4Mb worth of data storage space.

Regarding the sound quality, MP3 files can still deliver the same FLAC/original quality. Moreover, the MP3 format is supported by almost all kinds of audio players. This makes MP3s perfect for portable audio players.

There are many free converters available on the Internet, such as autoconverters for audio files. Most of these converters are designed to convert huge files (such as FLAC) into smaller files (such as mp3) or files whose formats are widely supported by different media.

Since there are numerous autoconverters available in the market, experts advise using dBpoweramp for audio file conversions. These steps should be followed in converting the files:

  1. Download dBpoweramp online, then install it.
  2. Install a program called “FLAC codec for dBpoweramp”.
  3. Look for the Batch Converter and start it up. Search for the FLAC songs that need converting.
  4. Click the checkboxes next to the FLAC songs to convert, then click “Convert”. To convert an entire folder, click the checkbox beside the folder.
  5. Next, “conversion options” will appear. Choose “MP3 (Lame)” then choose the folder where the converted files are to be saved. The folder options are just below the conversion options.
  6. Click “Convert” at the lower right part of the dialog box. By now, the FLAC files have been converted into mp3.