Convert FAT32 to NTFS

To be able to convert a FAT 32 file system into an NFTS, it requires a built-in utility in your Windows operating system. Windows and other programs do not have a tool that will successfully convert NFTS to FAT 32. So, before moving on with the process, you need to consider it closely. This will help avoid losing valuable data.

Before moving on, let us first differentiate these file types:

*FAT – also known as File Allocation Table, which is mainly used for MS-DOS and other earlier versions of Windows

*NTFS – also known as New Technology File System, which is a newer version of a file system that is more powerful than the FAT system and uses security enhancements and features.

To successfully convert your files, you have to:

  • Realign the partition before starting the conversion process. Preferably, you can move the data to an area of about 4k boundary. You can try looking for a shareware program that has partition management and disk imaging capabilities.

To understand how you can convert your FAT32 volume to an NFTS file system, you must consider certain limitations:

  • You cannot convert UDF and CDFS to NFTS since these are only used for optical media.
  • You must use the FAT12 format for floppy disks.
  • If you convert a FAT32 to an NFTS file system, it might run poorly on Windows 2000. However, this will not happen if you have a clear partition of NFTS. It is recommended to use a convert command when converting the FAT volume to NFTS to make sure all your files are intact.
  • The conversion is a one-way process. You cannot convert a file back to FAT volume once you have converted it to NFTS. If you want, you can reformat it to a FAT system. Doing this will remove all existing data, which includes programs and personal files.
  • When converting, using the convert command, you need to have available space on your drive. If there is not enough space, the convert command will not push through with the conversion process.

Here is the basic step to the conversion process:

  1. Click to Start, All Programs, Accessories, then Command Prompt. Type in ‘/fs:ntfs’ at the command prompt.
  2. You will be prompted to restart your system since the conversion process cannot begin while the program is running. As soon as prompted, choose YES.
  3. Indicate the volume label of the drive you are about to convert, and choose ENTER. Your type of file system is FAT.
  4. As soon as the conversion to NTFS is done, a message will be indicated on-screen saying: “Conversion complete.” Your file conversion is successful.