Convert AVI to DVD

Converting AVI files to DVD video can be done in a few steps.

Step 1

The following preparations and components are required for converting AVI files to DVD format.

  • Your AVI file is the most important component in this process. Make sure you have decided which AVI file to convert. This file should not have any skips and other types of video imperfections.
  • You need to have the subtitles in SRT format if you prefer the AVI with subtitles.
  • A DVD writer should be at hand if you wish to burn the DVD video after the process.

Step 2

You need to have the necessary software. These are:

  • a video encoder software;
  • a DVD authoring software;
  • a codec installed on your PC to enable you to play DVD files; and
  • a subtitle encoding software if your AVI file has subtitles.

Step 3

Determine the file details of your AVI file. You can do this by opening the file using the codec software you installed. The type of video encoder used and the type of audio compression are the details you would need.

If your AVI has subtitles, you then have to load the SRT file in the subtitle software and save the SRT file to a SUB file.

Step 4

Convert the AVI to a DVD format. You would normally have to launch the video encoder software and load the AVI file. Specify the video format. You can choose between DVD–NTSC and DVD–PAL. Next, identify the resolution of the file. Choose 7220 x 480 if you select DVD–NTSC, 720 x 576 if you are using DVD-PAL.

After you specify the destination for your DVD file, you are now ready to start converting. The length of time to convert an AVI file to DVD format depends on the size of the AVI file.

Step 6

When the process is done, you can burn the DVD video to a DVD disc. For this purpose, use the DVD authoring software you have installed.

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