Combofix is a software tool used in cleaning a set of malicious applications in the computer. It enables users to remove infections brought about by harmful software such as viruses. Combofix also allows users to detect infections not found by other scanners. Combofix attempts to automatically clean them.

Combofix can also list down System Registry keys. This feature lets users identify areas where suspected malicious programs are hiding. Another unique feature of Combofix is its rootkit detector. This allows users to see if rootkits are present in their computers.

Combofix provides information in the form of a log after performing its scan. This log helps experienced users in detecting and getting rid of infections that cannot be automatically removed.

Users need to install the Windows Recovery Console before using Combofix. This application lets the PC start in a special recovery mode in case it encounters a problem after trying to remove a certain malicious program. Users can install Combofix afterwards.

Next, users have to disable their anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. Users can then start Combofix once these procedures have been done. They should not click on any part of its user interface right after this. Users may leave the PC for a while since Combofix may take several minutes to complete. Users may notice that their computers get disconnected from the Internet during a system scan. This is a normal part of the process. A log will be shown on the screen after system scan completion.

sUBs developed Combofix. One can download a copy of Combofix through the following URLs:,, and

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