Clear Arp Cache

A user needs to perform occasional maintenance procedures in his computer. One of these procedures involves the PC’s ARP cache.

The ARP cache is a virtual table in the computer’s system. The network layer addresses and data link layer addresses are being stored in this table. The ARP cache in the system can be displayed by the command arp -a. This normally works in Microsoft Windows and Unix Operating Systems.

There are instances wherein the ARP cache would become corrupt. A common indication of this can be seen when the connections to Web pages time out and eventually fail. When this happens, the ARP cache needs to be cleared.

Clearing the ARP cache can be done using the netsh command. Below is an example of how to use the netsh command:

C:\>netsh interface ip delete arpcache

After entering the command, hit the Ok button. The system would then clear the ARP cache. The previous problems encountered will most likely be solved. To ensure that the ARP cache has been cleared, the arp command can be used to view the table.

C:\>arp -a

Information regarding the interface and the Internet address and physical address type can be seen.

There are cases where an error is encountered while clearing the ARP cache. The system may display an error message that says that the operation could not be completed. To solve this problem, Routing and Remote Services should be disabled. However, this should be done only when this feature is not being used.