Cell Phone Signal Boosters

If you are one of the 35% of people in the world who own cellular phones and have problems with signal, you are advised to use a cell phone signal booster.

How it Works

The cell phone signal booster, also known as an internal “extra” antenna, reduces static to enhance your cell phone’s signal. Static often occurs in thick-walled buildings, hallways, far flung areas, and tunnels. This internal antenna seizes some stray radiation generated by your cell phone and radiates the signal back. It improves the overall operation of your cell phone.

Another famous form of cell phone signal booster is the one mounted in cars, boats, trucks, or even recreational vehicles. This operates with the same principle of the internal antenna; however, it is separated from the phone itself. It is wireless and promises outstanding indoor signal everywhere. It performs slightly better than the internal cell phone signal boosters because it is more exposed to the signal.

The Benefits of Using a Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell phone signal boosters are known to lessen dropped calls, broaden the range of your cell phone, and enhance your signal up to 800%. This internal antenna is widely known to be ultra thin and can easily be placed in your cellular phone’s battery compartment, beneath your internal battery.

Signal improvement, through a cell phone signal booster, enhances services other than calling such as Instant Messaging, Internet, 3G data, and picture mailing. This product is also known to improve your battery life because it reduces the power needed for transmission.

Other Tips

If you want to get the most out of your cell phone signal booster, strip off its protective layer. By then, the adhesive part of the booster is exposed. Then you can place the booster beneath the internal battery.

Universal cell phone signal boosters are now available almost everywhere, especially in the Internet. They work basically anywhere and anytime. Most universal cell phone signal boosters work on digital, tri-band, analog, dual-band, and quad-band cell phones. In fact, the latest ones can work with PDAs! They also work well with just about any service provider.

With this amount of convenience, a cell phone signal booster is truly a good investment for those who depend on their cell phones all the time.

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