Call Block

Call block is a telephone service that enables individuals to block incoming calls from a specific phone number. Telephone subscribers use call block when they do not want to accept calls from certain individuals for either security or personal reasons.

Call block is normally a paid service. Telephone companies require a monthly fee that normally ranges from three to five dollars, although others charge a higher amount. Since it is not a built-in service, subscribers have to ask their phone company to first activate their phone’s call block features before they can use it.

Call block has many alternative names. While majority of telephone companies call this service call block, other companies refer to it as call screening or call rejection.

The steps in blocking a call may differ from one company to another. Generally, the user needs to dial a two-number combination before he can specify the phone number he does not want to get calls from. If he does not know the phone number, he can dial a combination of numbers right after hanging up from that particular call. This service can easily be turned off through a set of number combinations.

Similar to other services, call block has a set of limitations. It cannot block overseas phone numbers. This service also cannot block payphones, mobile phones, and business lines. Using call block is not advisable for those who own rotary phones as it would be very difficult to enter the number they want to block.