Caller-ID Block

Caller ID block is a means of making a call to a number without revealing the number you are using. Essentially, when you call someone and use this technique, the caller will see a message such as “Caller ID Blocked” in his caller ID screen.

Maintaining your privacy is the primary reason why you may need to block a phone’s caller ID feature. There may be times when you need to contact individuals without letting them know your number. You might choose to block a phone’s caller ID feature when using a borrowed number to prevent your contacts from registering the number to your name.

There are several ways to block the caller ID of a number. Dialing a caller ID block code before dialing the number is the first option. The code may differ from one country to another so you need to check the exact one being used in your country. Although this blocking technique is generally effective, there are certain cases where the caller ID of your contacts will still display your phone number.

Another way is to request your phone company for services that can block the caller IDs of all your contacts. By default, all the outgoing calls made through your phone will block all your contacts’ caller IDs. However, not all companies may provide this service.

You can also block caller ID by using a service that routes your call to a third party system. For instance, you can use a prepaid phone card to make calls. You can also use online calling services such as the ones offered by Skype and Yahoo.